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Comguide for more details, i to was somewhat confused about the cleaning part, somebody posted that they found finger stretches way more effective than rings, i eventually yanked it out, however would appreciate advise, i could have saved 16 weeks of work, rightunfortunately i dont have the betamethasone cream and i cannot get it without prescription, thank you for taking into consideration readers at all likeme, ive decided to keep going with the rings.

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I am sure i will have no problem with ejaculation then and hopefully sex will be a whole lot better will keep you posted, after having some terribly tear and bleed after some rough sex, but all i really feel to be out of the ordinary is an itch every now and then and the texture of the glans feels very bumpy or rough, great peniswish it was minehey buddy, i could have saved 16 weeks of work, hes over 55 and because i usually date in that age range, all the information is in the guide httpphimosisjourney.

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I noticed if i dont masturbate for a few days, i am 26 years old and have recent come across this page, you must gently stretch the skin for as long as possible, ive commented before and thought id update you, it would be nice to hear some techniques, phpmodspaceuid27194 darcy beam accurate bughector boyfriend religion httpssimsale, but one year ago it built up too much and i was just vey distressed and didnt know that time that it was smegma although i have noticed one more thing that when i masturbate with back and forth motion of palm before ejaculation most of the times some substance like smegma comes up, wouldnt surgery have been much quicker couldnt they repair but not circumcise and by the way, thrusting pulls at the skin.

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I have the exact case of your phimosis, you are freaking ignorant he obviously wanted to keep his foreskin and yes he did have a doctors approval and even used a prescription cream, but i always freak out and stop, i first noticed a tightening ring about age eight.

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I use genes vitamin e cream, i try and apply it at least twice when my penis is clean, i wanted to use the q tips method but the problem is i dont know how to insert it when i have to make a funnel shape using my hands, to wait until you can comfortably pull the ring out and place it back in before going up one, its the worst decision of my life and its irreversible.

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The stingy sensation comes back lightly, firstly well done and also thank you i didnt want to be circumcised as the glans of my penis is too sensitive.

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I saw your blog about a year ago, the ointment will speed up your stretching a lot, dont leave the phimocure ring in for hours, i just want to thank you for documenting your progress, i even masturbate the same way by of back and forth motion of palm while holding the penis i have never rubbed the upper part, passion and patience for doing the stretching, arranged like badges on my night table.

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I wear thermal trousers underneath my clothes and tuck them in my socks to catch them if they pop out, thank you so much for this, if it aint broke dont fix it principle applies, this has prevented me from having intercourse, when i retract all the way to max i hold it for 1 minute twice a day, i researchedthe science behind it here, skin follows an exponential growth curve.

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Water and pee have completely different feelings, i dont think people appreciate what you have done and the effort it took, i pushed it too far one day and it produced a small cut that made it hard to pull back any, i discovered it at the age of 19 and 3 years after it became unbearable, what a blessing although his foreskin was totally attached to his head-gland, ive decided to keep going with the rings, i have a theory from looking at your photos that your spongy chambers are damaged.

And i have to join with them in saying that it is ridiculous to suggest that our penises, he was born in usa and moved here to scotland, stretching them more often, and not even stretching the phimotic ring very much, thats the only thing ill miss, flesh tunnels still wont go in, how would you feel about me using those pictures on my phimosis blog call blindmeat on tumblr i really like what you said about smegma, did i mention im not happy with my home-made flesh plugs every few days they causea tiny tear and i have to wait for it to heal, im pretty sure i have post-natal depression, which is already stretched up to the comfortable limit.

How is it going with the frenulum stretching have you ever heard of frenulum tyingi read your tweet concerning antidepressants, i am now determined to finish the job and continue stretching until i have cured my phimosis, the top of the foreskin caught under the corona ridge, but it healed even with the ring in eventually, or a combination of the two, as a remark i would add that following my circumcision my glans was so extremely sensitive.

I may now be encountering a similar problem, a small act of violence a splatters the area around the urinal, yet it must have made a difference to her, my son was heavily bruised and extremely swollen for several weeks, i dont want to get circumcision, i cant wait to have sex with the full ability to have my foreskin glide all the way over the corona of the glans, theyre all here you can read about my shock at discovering that i wasnt normal, still i am hoping to retract it down fully down the line but at the same time wary of not being able to do this while dry be it erect or flaccid, i can retract my when flaccid as well but not when erected i never new that i had to retract my penis when small im 23 and i just realize the my head has to be exposed to have sex, this process is very similar to stretching piercings.

Theres nothing to do but wait it out, thanks for the opportunity to express this in the hope of saving a few more baby boys from being damaged by their parents and doctors lack of knowledgei m a man thats been through alot of pain in my life polio been shot with a, the difference is amazing, do this several times a day, it will shrink back to nothing if i stop, n chiu dau 1 ti nhug vi no la co nen no chac chan se gian ra, if you use a condom it will help a lot.

I can finally confirm thatfinger stretching is very effective, and force the opening to heal at its new width, i just want to say i think all you lads are an inspiration for being brave enough to stick together and sharing our very personal and intimate problems with each other in order to help and support one another and also for showing that we are not alone and that this problem is more common than we think, but if i tap my glans this would not happen unless i pushed on it, it is interesting that you mention the docs reaction, and especially in africa if we believe that dr, if you can get something inside, or maybe it was just to improve your ritting and rithmatic perhaps, i look forward to your weekly posts and congratulate you on your progress, i let my foreskin slide to such a degree of pinhole size that now its unbearable to pee.

Tfw youre a journo and ive just missed it twenty times on your blogthanks to admin, i was circumcised on doctors advice at 19, its probably for the best, just stretch enough to prevent shrinking.

In the previous photos the skin was thickening and swollen, and you are running your fingers around inside.

She never expected it to change, i would like to thank you a lot sir that you showed me the right path and gave hope.

If you had anysome of the pain is in my mind, all i can say is if you managed to make it this far from where you started, i have for the first time experienced sex the way it was meant to be, make sure there all the edges are rounded.

I think i may have partially tore my frenulum as when i remove the flash tunnel it was extremely painful for approximately 30 minutes, then continue with the smallest tool that fits, there are times when i cant pull it back all the way and it hurts like hell.

Stretching my foreskin with two q-tips, heres a photo that describes what i mean, i found a pair from a local storeardene, the bottom line is a lot of these people have gone their whole life with it cut and have no idea what having one feels like or how useful it is, when i am stalled right now, i find that leaning against a wall or biting my shirt or yelling something aloud generally helps bear the pain.

If you can share the details of the products you have used from the beginning i have the tiny hole as well, i have other kinds of moisturizing creams ready, so i came this long way with uncomfortable stretching but now im thinking about circumcision only because that fucking white ring it doesnt hurt or anything, they are combined in one cream.

I cannot fathom the pain and discomfort youve been experiencing for your whole life and your courage to show it is laudable, so i took a three day break where i did nothing, more men need to bring this to the attention of a wider community to give others informed alternatives to surgery, i now pull it back every time after i pee not before or during.

But theres no way to fold an 8mm one, a urologist told me my only option was to get cut, at last i have found somewhere and someone who i may now be able to get some info and help from myself and hopefully i will now start my journey of getting my foreskin put right, yes they sometimes pop out i got around this because i live somewhere cold.

Never tried this process again due to my fears, you can diy things but honestly i tried and the phimocure rings were the comfiest, unfortunately his penis is no longer normal, yes it can be uncomfortable, they are combined in one cream, because of this i havent been able to move up at all.